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Guangzhou SPRTECH Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of barcode scanning equipment. The company adheres to the business tenet of "reputation first, quality-oriented, customer first, sincere service". Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company mainly provides technical research, product development and SPRTECH barcode wireless acquisition equipment for foreign customers, which has laid a solid foundation abroad. At present, there are mainly two listed companies cooperating with OEM, involving many fields. In order to better develop domestic business, Guangzhou SPRTECH Co., Ltd. is set up in the hope of continuously creating characteristic product brands and core competitiveness in the domestic bar code industry.

The products of Guangzhou SPRTECH Co., Ltd. include: one-dimensional wired laser scanning gun, one-dimensional wireless laser scanning gun, one-dimensional SPRTECH wired scanning gun, one-dimensional laser scanning platform, two-dimensional wired Hongguang scanning gun, two-dimensional wireless SPRTECH scanning gun, two-dimensional SPRTECH scanning platform, bar code data collector, etc. We adhere to quality management and unified quality standards. Ensure the high quality and technology content of products.

Guangzhou SPRTECH Co., Ltd. has a high-quality R & D and marketing planning elite team, with rich experience in successful market operation. In the face of fierce market competition, the company will always adhere to the guiding ideology of "development is the absolute principle". With new product development as the driving force and marketing as the guidance, it has established domestic and foreign sales departments, In recent years, it has achieved good business performance and corporate income. We will continue to expand sales channels, set up a marketing network in more than 20 provinces and cities, and promote our products to the world. So as to provide more high-tech products for customers; Let more partners share the benefits of enterprise growth.

Guangzhou SPRTECH Co., Ltd., based on the present and looking forward to the future, puts forward the strategy of "solving all problems of bar code scanning" as the mission of the enterprise and "building a century old SPRTECH business". It constantly strengthens the core competitiveness of the enterprise, works hand in hand for the 21st century, and makes sincere contributions to the bar code cause. Now we are looking forward to recruiting agents from all over the country, with various agency models, favorable policies and comprehensive profits to the agents. We welcome people with lofty ideals to visit our company to investigate the agency.


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